Access Control Designer
Access Control Designer is a universal modular tool for visually designing access control policies.
The user of this system depicts requirements for the designed security policy ina graphical notation based on a generally accepted security model. The tool will then generate a configuration of security mechanisms, which will be used for implementation of the security policy.
Simple graphical user interface used to describe access control policies allows a user to abstract from the specific syntax and semantics of the security mechanisms involved and allow him to focus on the security policy itself.
The Access Control Designer controls the consistency of the created policy by using and enforcing constraints, checking the consistency after each change. It provides the user with all information about the components and their relations in the right context and form - it interactively helps the user to complete his task.
Modularity of the tool will allow to design security policies for a lot of various environments - systems needed to have access controlled. Pluggable module API allows third-party programmers to provide ACD modules for their systems and so allow thier users to use ACD for designing access control policies for the systems.
Status Currently, the core of the program is in beta stage. The modules are in various stages of development.
Environment It is written in java, using standard JDK 1.4 with extensive usage of Swing components.
Screenshot Yes, there is one.
MySQL Module for visually designing access control for the MySQL server. User can import current settings from a running server and export the designed settings back to the server.
XML Module for basic open/save and copy/paste operations.
Documentation JavaDoc documentation.
Project page SourceForge project page.
CVS CVS server (not always available, sorry)
Download Download section contains core and modules.
Author Robert Trebula
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